Avail customs broker us border services to avoid delays at custom clearance


Most of the importers often worry about their goods being delayed at the customs clearance. This can happen when the goods are not in compliance with the customs regulations or if proper documents are not submitted by the importers. As the customs tariff schedules and regulations undergo constant changes it becomes for the importers to keep themselves abreast about the changes and find it difficult for the clearance of their goods at the customs department. To avoid all such hassles, it is better to avail the services of customs broker US border who are highly trained import professionals with the government customs regulations and legislation and can hence help their clients with smooth clearance of their goods from the beginning to the end without any problem. The customs broker gets their license only after passing a test conducted by the U S Customs and hence you can be assured that they are experts with the laws and regulations that pertain to the entry of import goods into the country. So you can leave the burden on the customs broker for the smooth transit of your import goods into the country who shall offer you their services to clear the cargo through customs at any port of entry into the country.


The customs broker makes this possible because they a thorough understanding about the compliance of the goods and the necessary documents required for the clearance of the goods at the port. They guide their client in acquiring the commercial invoice that describes the product, purchase price and terms of sale along with bill of lading and country of origin marking that needs to be presented to the customs department. One should also be ready with the approval by other government agencies like FDA, DOT, USDA, EPA and others based on the nature of the import goods. With all these documents the customs broker ensures the goods are transited without any delay at the port into the country. It is not just customs clearance, but the customs broker also helps with ISF filing that needs to be done 72 prior to the departure of the shipment to avoid any penalties or holds. You can also avail the services of the customs broker for filing posting annual and single bonds and duty payment choosing the best option based on your import volume and frequency to avoid delays at the customs department. The customs broker US border also offer international freight forwarding services to plan your shipment from door to door through their worldwide partner network within competitive rates.

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