Find Reliable Customs Broker For Smooth Transit of Your Import Goods into The Country

It is always not easy for the importers to ensure a smooth and quick delivery of their goods into the country. This is where they can rely on the customs broker services who are professionals and certified to handle the customs issues to facilitate fast and efficient clearances for their client goods. The customs broker possess thorough knowledge on the customs regulations and tariff schedules along with keeping abreast on the constant changes happening in the administrative and law of the US customs. The customs broker also have to qualify a test conducted by the U.S customs department on the laws and regulations pertaining to the import of goods into the country and hence are totally reliable when you are looking for smooth delivery of your imported goods into the country. The customs broker jfk airport offer best services at all ports along with taking care of freight forwarding through their partner network, customs clearance, ISF filing and many more services that would help their clients to relax and enjoy a smooth transit of their goods into the country.


Customs broker jfk airport


The Straight Forward custom house broker offer personalised services to their clients in guiding them with the minimum requirements to import their goods into the country. They point out the necessary documents like the commercial invoice with enough information of the product, terms of sale, purchase price, country of origin etc, bill of lading or air waybill, country of origin marking, clearance from other regularly agencies like food and drug administration, environment protection agency, department of transportation, department of agriculture etc if applicable and based on the nature of the import goods to avoid any further hassles or delays at the port. The customs broker makes it easy for the clients helping them not only keep ready all the necessary documents but also guiding them on the annual and single bonds, duty payment options, remote relocation filing etc. The customs broker clearly understands the time and money spent by the client on importing their goods and ensure the process is done smoothly with their years of experience in handling such assignments every day.


The top priority of the customs broker is to see that the cargo gets cleared on time and delivered in a timely manner to the clients. The Straight forward custom house broker also offers online tracking of your shipment all the time to know the status details while they handle all the issues on your behalf.

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