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International Freight Forwarding Services from Straight Forward Take Cares of Delivering Your Goods Intact on Time

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If you are looking for professional guidance regarding import your goods into the country the Straight Forward custom house brokers is one company that can offer you excellent ocean shipping US export shipping services handling from start to finish to complete the job without any hassles. The expert brokers from the company can handle the import process preventing and solving any compilations that may arise during the whole process so that you can enjoy smooth sailing of your import goods into the country on time without any delay. This is possible because the customs brokers are educated and licensed to handle the process having thorough knowledge about the customs regulations as well as the tariff schedules so that they shall ensure your goods are in compliance to the government regulation and legislation and handle the import process with expertise. As the customs brokers keep themselves abreast with an of the changes taking place in the law and administration rules of the import goods they shall be able to guide you with the necessary documents and other papers required to import goods into the country without any problem. The customs broker shall in fact check that you have all the necessary papers like the commercial invoice, clearance from regulatory agencies based on the nature of the import goods, bill of lading, country of origin marking etc so that there shall be no more delay at the ports and your shipment is immediately cleared by the customs department.
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The customs brokers not only handle customs clearance but also extend many more services like ISF filing that shall have to be done 72 hours prior to the departure of the shipment and also filing annual and single bonds, duty payment assistance, remote relocation filing and also international freight forwarding services so that you don’t have to worry about the door to door delivery of the goods from the origin to the final destination. The freight forwarding services are offered in competitive rates as the Straight Forward Company has worldwide partner network with FCL, LCL and air shipments to offer services to their clients. The customs brokers are very much polite and understand your situation to come up with the best solutions that can ensure delivery your goods to the right destination irrespective of the size of your shipment. You can avail a free quote for the services required and just relax while the customs brokers shall handle the clearance of your import goods with utmost care.
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